Our Team

Meet the team members at Pony Cob and Horse Saddles.

Michael Davies

My name is Michael Davies and I have been fitting saddles for a number of years and I am committed to providing saddles of a genuinely high quality, correctly fitted to suit the needs and objectives of the rider.

I fit a range of saddles produced by some of the best traditional Saddle Makers around and I am very particular about which saddles I will recommend or fit. So I only work with makers who share my desire to provide saddles of a genuinely high quality and a range of styles to suit particular disciplines. I would never want to sell a product that I didn’t believe in and wouldn’t buy myself.

I have a varied background in horses, first learning to ride as a child in a riding school. I can still remember the first pony I used to ride. I have competed in most disciplines including show jumping, working hunter, eventing and dressage. I have also played polo, polocrosse, I have hunted, drag hunted, done some long distance riding and spent time western riding in the Rockies in Montana. So I suppose I can claim to be a bit of an all rounder!! These days I am more of a happy hacker.

I also developed an interest in horse training and have studied to become a Horse Behaviour Consultant. My interest in fitting saddles came through a combination of experiencing behavioural issues caused by badly fitting saddles and the frustration of not being able to get a saddle fitted to my own horses to my satisfaction. Although I now fit saddles for some top professional producers and international riders, I am still determined to offer the same standard of service to every customer whether they are just happy hackers or competing at the highest level. I just believe every horse deserves a good quality well fitted saddle.

I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to train under some great saddle fitters, in my opinion some of the very best and most experienced saddle fitters around. These include Peter Hay and Laura Bourne. I also learned to flock some years ago under the direction of David May. This has given me a really good understanding of all aspects of saddle fitting and getting the best from your horse whatever level you aspire to.

If you would like to arrange for me to come out and fit your horse or if you just like to discuss your needs and ask a few questions please do not hesitate to telephone or email either myself or my wife Diane and we will do whatever we can to help.

Joanne O’Hagan BVMS MRCVS

My name is Joanne O’Hagan and I am Mike and Diane’s daughter. I “officially” joined the family business in 2014 after the birth of my third son, although I have been involved behind the scenes for a number of years.

I got my first pony as a horse mad 8 year old and competed in all Pony Club disciplines as a teenager. At 18 I moved to Glasgow to train as a Vet and had to leave my own horse at home, so while I was there I got my horse “fix” by running the Vet School Riding Club and by travelling home on my weekends off.

I qualified in 2004 and worked as a general practice Vet for 10 years but as the saddle business grew I decided to make the leap and join the business full time. The ability to prevent problems rather than treat them means I love my job !!!

Karen Lewis – Saddle Fitter, South East

Karen Lewis- I am a Master Saddler trading for nearly 20 years, I undertook an apprenticeship with a Sussex saddler and completed City and Guilds certification under the Millenium Apprenticeship Scheme in the 1990’s.

I have worked in the past as a full time groom and international groom for varied yards- Show Jumping, Eventing, Showing, Dealing, Driving and Polo yards and had the priviledge to manage a small Breeding stud for an overseas owner. All these jobs after an Agricultural College Horse degree and before commencing my career as a Saddler!

I have had the delight in training my own Apprentice and enjoy helping to train the Saddlers of the future.

I have experience with not only regular saddle fitting, but also Remedial saddle fitting & Horse rehabilitation in conjunction with local Vets and Physios. I take great joy in seeing through a job well done and working with my fellow Equine professionals.

I believe you can constantly learn and improve and to that end I undertake Professional development courses in aspects of Anatomy, Saddlery and Gait analysis etc. whenever possible.

I still ride and have recently been successful showing on the County circuit and have latterly developed a great hobby in SideSaddle riding!

I am lucky to have a fully equipped saddlery workshop in Essex and undertake repairs and made to measure items of tack for my clients.

I am delighted to be able to offer both existing and new clients the PonyCob&Horse saddle range and am thrilled with the ease of fitting and all round genuine comments I get from clients when they ride in the saddles, I only wish I had found them 15 years sooner!

Jan McCullough – Saddle Fitter, Cornwall and Devon.

I have been studying the movement of horses for thirty years.

Whilst living in Australia I studied rider and horse biomechanics. On return to the UK I worked on saddle design. Properly fitting tack that not only fits the horse correctly but also put the rider in balance is a must.

Then three years ago I came across Mike and PCH Saddles and my prayers were answered. It has been a pleasure to work alongside PCH saddles and I am happy to fit their saddles on all shapes and sizes in Cornwall and Devon Borders.