Saddle Fitting Services

At Pony Cob and Horse Saddles Ltd., we endeavour to offer a really good honest saddle fitting service to the equestrian community.

First and foremost, we endeavour to offer a really good honest saddle fitting service to the equestrian community.  We are passionate about what we do and believe that every horse and pony should have a well fitting and comfortable saddle.  Our team of approved saddle fitters share our commitment to providing a great fitting service across the UK.

New Saddles

We design, produce and fit a great range of saddles for almost every discipline.

We can visit you with a range of appropriate saddles. We will discuss with you the requirements of both the horse and rider and will spend time assessing your horses precise needs. All of our stock saddles are available for you to see and try at your fitting appointment. While we may have the perfect saddle available in stock, we would always choose to make a saddle to measure if necessary to ensure the perfect fit. We do not charge any extra for the made to measure service.

All our standard saddles have a 14 day trial after purchase. The trial period is subject to certain conditions, please contact us for more details.

Difficult Fits and Remedial Horses

We specialise in difficult to fit horses although they are usually ponies !! We also have a special interest in remedial fits, perhaps where there is existing damage caused by a badly fitting saddle used previously. We are always happy to work alongside your Veterinary Surgeon, Equine Physiotherapist or Chiropractor etc. If you feel you have a horse that may fall into this category, please do not hesitate to call us for an informal chat to see what we can do to help.

Refitting and Re flocking

We are always available to come out to look at your existing saddle to check the fit. All saddles should really be checked every 6 months as horses and ponies change shape throughout the year and also as they age. Please be assured that we always give an honest appraisal of the fit of your saddle. If it can be altered to offer a good fit we will always offer this as a first and almost certainly cheapest option. We will only recommend a replacement saddle, if in our opinion, it is in the best interests of the horse and rider. This service is available regardless of the make of saddle.

Support and Back Up

If you buy a saddle from us we aim to provide an ongoing support service for the life of the saddle. We recommend that any new saddle is checked for fit after 3 months and any adjustment within this period is free but is subject to a call out fee. It is surprising how much a horse can change shape in that time if it now has a saddle that allows it to move freely and use the correct muscles. After that we recommend that your saddle is checked every 6 months although many customers choose to have theirs checked every 12 months. We can arrange to remind you when your saddle is due for checking if you choose that option.

Saddle Health Checks and Talks

We can arrange to run saddle health check clinics at your livery yard, riding club or Veterinary Practice. We also give talks / presentations about saddles, saddle fitting and the common problems caused by a badly fitting saddle. If you think this may be of interest to you please contact us to discuss any ideas you may have.